Rejection therapy as a way to get unstuck #happiness

This guy is amazing and what he did is awesome. We can all benefit from rejection therapy, or even from just being aware of what we think and feel when we are rejected or think we will be. Perhaps being aware of the fear of rejection and choosing not to act by default in response is what it takes to get unstuck and take that all important next step on the journey to fulfilling your life calling. I understand this in theory, don’t ask me about practical applicationĀ – watch someone who has done it instead:

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Surround yourself with people who make you feel alive


To all of my friends and creative mentors – Aliya, Lia, Yulia, Kate, Gera, Misha, my family and all amazing bloggers I follow and get inspired by! On the low days you breathe life back into me. Forever grateful that you are in my life.

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Growth mindset = happiness


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Creative motivation meditation. You can do it #happiness #art


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Meaning of life vs being alive #happiness

Does not this quote completely change how you think about what next? Go do that thing that brings you joy and makes you feel alive!

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Happiness takes lots of choices that are sometimes hard to make

I love this quote. It is so simple to say ‘happiness is here and now, in you, you don’t need to look for it’. I found that I needed to work to be happy. I had to shed a lot of stuff, painfully unpeel one thing after another. I had to learn a lot of stuff, learn about myself and what ticks me. For me, enlightenment, achievement of happiness is a path, perhaps circular where you return to where you started, albeit with a new perspective, but still a path. You have to walk the path. You need to work on being happy. You need to learn the skills. You need to seek out things and people that make you happy. It’s a process. Don’t give yourself a hard time if progress is slow and non linear, but remember – there are choices to be made, and they won’t be easy, and you will have to make them. So don’t just sit and wait for happiness, it does not just come, go get it, work for it, make some choices and take some actions!

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Meditate to get the answers #happiness

I used to think meditation was some mumbo-jumbo. Retrospectively I wish I tried it earlier. How many insights could have been gained! How calmly I could have dealt with stuff that life threw at me and what better choices I could have made! Opportunities noticed! Time wasters left behind! Crises averted! More importantly, how much less suffering and more joy I could have had! If you are on a fence, try it. Start as early in life as you can. Meditation will give you so many answers…

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