Do you know yourself well? A fun exercise


It all started with me trying to understand what I should do with my life, what my calling is. I realised I did not really know what I was good at. I sat down, I made a list, followed recommended coaching techniques, but it all felt forced and not objective enough.

So I decided to complete as many strengths surveys as I could. I’ve done Via Strengths (it’s free but I paid for a report), Strengthsfinder 2.0 (you need to buy a book with a code on Amazon) and Strengthscope through work. I discovered that my strengths were:  Continue reading

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Are you stuck in a Rescuer/ Victim/ Persecutor triad?

While unlike her The Fear Cure book, Lissa Rankin’s The Anatomy of a Calling is a tad out there for me (I am not at a spiritual/ mindfulness level where I can bend spoons yet), she shares some interesting concepts in this book. For starters, I do now want to do a session with a shaman.

One of the concepts that I found incredibly useful was the Rescuer/ Victim/ Persecutor triad. I read about it and instantly recognised my mother. It explained a lot of things about her and myself.

Awareness is key, so if you recognise yourself or your loved one as you read it, stay compassionate, remember you are after insight, let emotions pass and give yourself time.

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Warning: watching Jim Jarmusch’s Paterson may make you re/discover your inner poet

Sometimes when I see a film
Like Jim Jarmusch’s Paterson just now
I think about you and how
We used to talk about films.

How can it be
That you were the only person
Who understood films like I did
And laughed at the same things?

Nicole Kidman is indeed a cyborg
Sent from a distant future
And Werner Herzog
Did eat a shoe.

On the dark summer night
I wish you were here
To talk about poems, Adam Driver and
What Paterson was all about.

Would you rather be a fish?

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Don’t look back, you are not going that way #happiness @hm

Rest assured, I am not converting my blog into a fashion one 🙂 But the message on this H&M tshirt was so timely (remember no such thing as coincidence in the Universe!) that I had to share it here. Missing someone? Burned all bridges and wondering if you made a mistake? Craving bringing the past back? Typing that twitter DM and then not sending it? Oh, trust me, I know! I am afraid it’s time to move on – onwards and upwards! What happened in the past, stays in the past. Let go, nomad, you are travelling light…

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Spring! @sumokyokai #sumo #happiness

Love this. Sumo wrestlers and spring – I demand a calendar! 🙂  Happy Sunday, nomads!

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A postcard from Almaty

Mountains (professional photo by Max Zolotukhin), superstitions, FOOD (glorious Kazakh food!), amazing people and total chillax. It was a good trip. It was a strange trip. I wish it was longer. And it was just the right amount of time. I will miss friends and family. Until next time!

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Back on the road, happy nomad

KZ natgeo.jpg

Travel is a fascinating thing. It is a space shifter that transports you into the new worlds – parallel universes a flight away. After years of parenting, financial limitations, home-work-home routine and being able to travel only as far as Europe, I am back on the road. And this time I am going far.  Continue reading

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