Victory is near #happiness


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Minimalist happiness: radical saving as a way to liberation

Universe seems to have given me the answer to my question about work vs freedom vs money. Minimalism is the answer. Continue reading

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Your eternal destiny – weekend motivation quote #happiness

Your eternal destiny is not cosmic retirement; it is to be part of a tremendously creative project, under unimaginably splendid leadership, on an inconceivably vast scale, with ever-increasing cycles of fruitfulness and enjoyment – that is the prophetic vision which ‘eye has not seen and ear has not heard.’

— Dallas Willard

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Minimalism: one sure way to happiness @theminimalists

I followed The Minimalists for a while. I minimised my wardrobe (inspired by Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs too). I am streamlining how I buy and what I buy. I live lighter overall and as I embark on a radical saving experiment, I hope to scrutinise every purchase we make as a family because I realised that the more we buy, the less freedom we have – less time with loved ones or for myself, more work and for longer, less options to do work that matters. And it’s better for the planet too if we consume mindfully.

I am striving to be minimalist in my spiritual world and relationships – I quit Facebook, I deactivated most notifications on my phone, I save the time and energy that I used to spend on social media. I noticed my little one, bombarded by ads and product videos on Youtube, was becoming consumption obsessed, so I uninstalled Youtube on his iPad. We play together more now.

I hope this film inspires you equally, helps you refocus, shed stuff and bring more lightness of being into your life. On Amazon, Google Play and iTunes, from £9.99.

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Overthinking and letting go – how to manage your thoughts #happiness

The NPR’s Invisibilia podcast on thoughts called The Secret History of Thoughts was truly eye opening and life changing for me. I highly recommend to listen to it if you tend to overthink or obsess or if your inner voice (mind) is out of control. Why don’t we get to learn this stuff early on in our lives? Sharing with you here if you are reading this on an iPhone or here if you are on desktop or another OS.

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Everyone can learn to be happier #happiness #buddhism

I am ready to move to the next level in learning to meditate and self discovery and I believe I can achieve this by learning more about Buddhism. I am not interested in theory per se, I am after practical knowledge that can help me be happier.

I’d love to do a silent 3 day retreat ideally or take a course on Dharma, but I do not have the money or the time to be honest. I can’t complain. This day and age as long as you have Internet connection, not having money is an excuse. And time can be found if one really wants to. Make time, as they say.

I looked online and found 2 interesting (and free) programmes on Coursera and edX respectively. Thought I’d share the links!

Buddhism and Modern Psychology from Princeton University on Coursera

Buddhism Through Its Scriptures from Harvard University on edX

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Proof of heaven: a neurosurgeon’s journey into the afterlife

I love a good popular medical book, especially if it’s about brain. Before I had a child, you could often find me sitting in the reading room of the Wellcome Collection in London reading new medical books they have lying about. Add my fascination with death, and I absolutely had to read Eben Alexander’s book about his near death experience.

Premise is simple – a neurosurgeon contracts very rare form of meningitis, goes into a 7 day coma, survives against all odds and lives to tell the story about what he has seen on the other side. The twist though is that previously medical professionals believed that near death visions were a product of our brains, specifically neocortex. A bit like showing us a movie before we check out. However Eben Alexander’s neocortex was not functioning and it was documented medically. No other medical theory can explain his experience.

Fascinating book overall. I want to leave you with 3 profound phrases that an angel left him with before he left afterlife. They are worth meditating on:

You are loved and cherished, dearly, forever.
You have nothing to fear.
There is nothing you can do wrong.

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