Warning: watching Jim Jarmusch’s Paterson may make you re/discover your inner poet

Sometimes when I see a film
Like Jim Jarmusch’s Paterson just now
I think about you and how
We used to talk about films.

How can it be
That you were the only person
Who understood films like I did
And laughed at the same things?

Nicole Kidman is indeed a cyborg
Sent from a distant future
And Werner Herzog
Did eat a shoe.

On the dark summer night
I wish you were here
To talk about poems, Adam Driver and
What Paterson was all about.

Would you rather be a fish?

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Don’t look back, you are not going that way #happiness @hm

Rest assured, I am not converting my blog into a fashion one 🙂 But the message on this H&M tshirt was so timely (remember no such thing as coincidence in the Universe!) that I had to share it here. Missing someone? Burned all bridges and wondering if you made a mistake? Craving bringing the past back? Typing that twitter DM and then not sending it? Oh, trust me, I know! I am afraid it’s time to move on – onwards and upwards! What happened in the past, stays in the past. Let go, nomad, you are travelling light…

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Spring! @sumokyokai #sumo #happiness

Love this. Sumo wrestlers and spring – I demand a calendar! 🙂  Happy Sunday, nomads!

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A postcard from Almaty

Mountains (professional photo by Max Zolotukhin), superstitions, FOOD (glorious Kazakh food!), amazing people and total chillax. It was a good trip. It was a strange trip. I wish it was longer. And it was just the right amount of time. I will miss friends and family. Until next time!

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Back on the road, happy nomad

KZ natgeo.jpg

Travel is a fascinating thing. It is a space shifter that transports you into the new worlds – parallel universes a flight away. After years of parenting, financial limitations, home-work-home routine and being able to travel only as far as Europe, I am back on the road. And this time I am going far.  Continue reading

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Friend lost #happiness

I had a dear friend write to me the other day. It was wonderful. We have not been in touch for a while. I do miss him a lot. He is one of those angels, a friendly soul who you seem to have known forever. But he was also an object of my love addiction for too long. In fact it’s thanks to him that I realised I had a problem. So in the spirit of my ‘no secrets, no lies’ approach and in my on-going attempt to live simply, I came out and told him everything. Via email and Twitter messaging.
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How to fail better and not spiral into anxiety every time you make an ass of yourself #happiness

Recently I screwed up big time at work and panicked. It’s been a while since I experienced such anxiety when your heart races, you get tunnel vision, beat up yourself endlessly and your mind is engaged into a negative thought loop, and you just can’t stop it. The worst part is that after talking to my boss I realised it was not a major catastrophe, but rather a minor hiccup which I should not have dwelled on for so long.

I was unpleasantly surprised and even shocked. Years of meditation and work on making myself calmer, more balanced, thought watching and filtering, working to attain peace and lightness of being – and I spiral into anxiety so easily and over so little? I was determined to never do it again so I created a one pager that summarises the key learnings about failing better and changing your mindset and that I can use next time anxiety rears its ugly head. Temp

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