Creativity as a driving force for happiness #art

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Undoing is as important and difficult as doing #happiness

Sometimes undoing is as important and difficult as doing and takes as much time. Sometimes people who seem to lead average lives are actually working to transform themselves from within. Sometimes learning what you are not is as important as learning what you are.

Self development may be subtle and within, like an underground current. Don’t give yourself hard time that your actions are not external, do not bear visible fruit. Do not think you should instead focus on something more ‘tangible’. You are doing important and difficult work and it will manifest itself one day, like water against rock. Keep going.

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If no one told you today… #happiness


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Have more or need less? #happiness

Buddha had nothing when he died. By modern standards he was destitute and homeless. Yet he died not being afraid of death (and isn’t it the life’s biggest achievement?). He died in peace. He made a huge difference in many lives and his name would outlive him by centuries. Minimalism, subtracting rather than adding (in any area of life, not just material wealth, eg thoughts, emotions, wants) is often a great way to purify oneself and focus on what’s important.


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The secret of being happy


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When your negativity alarm goes off, keep your energy safe in the happiness bubble



Jack Black studied and coached extraordinary, very successful people for a long time. In the process, he narrowed down their success to 5 characteristics, one of them being an unshakable positive mental attitude. Jack then shared a simple, yet very effective technique, inspired by a famous golfer Seve Ballestero, that will help you maintain your positivity throughout the day no matter who you are dealing with.

It’s great when you have no choice but to deal with negative people (family dinner, upset boss, etc) who you know won’t be open to benefitting from your positive energy and will drain it instead. The moment your negativity alarm goes off, imagine that you are in a bubble. Be creative – your bubble can be anything, mine is a scifi metal contraption that snap shuts in sections. Retreat into your bubble and your positive energy is safe.

Check out Jack’s Mindstore programme here, some modules are free. As he puts it, it only works.

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Be who you are #happiness #love


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