Are you stuck in a Rescuer/ Victim/ Persecutor triad?

While unlike her The Fear Cure book, Lissa Rankin’s The Anatomy of a Calling is a tad out there for me (I am not at a spiritual/ mindfulness level where I can bend spoons yet), she shares some interesting concepts in this book. For starters, I do now want to do a session with a shaman.

One of the concepts that I found incredibly useful was the Rescuer/ Victim/ Persecutor triad. I read about it and instantly recognised my mother. It explained a lot of things about her and myself.

Awareness is key, so if you recognise yourself or your loved one as you read it, stay compassionate, remember you are after insight, let emotions pass and give yourself time.


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the nomad of the Universe, sailing through the unknown, learning to be happy and give happiness back
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