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Love and marriage – best posts and talks which will radically change your perspective

You might have noticed that most of my recent posts were on the subject of relationships and love. It’s not random, I blog about things that interest me or that I am working on. In 2 weeks time, the Happiness … Continue reading

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Happiness is only the cart, love is the horse 

I am really enjoying the Science of Happiness course from UC Berkeley’s. I in particular enjoy the scientific articles on happiness. Here is a good one and it’s also a link to the UC Berkeley’s Greater Good centre where you … Continue reading

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How rich do you feel now? #happiness

I woke up. I exercised. I am finally feeling better after a vicious cold. It’s a long weekend here in the UK. I am listening to an album I found on iTunes yesterday, Soviet Central Asia Music (1930-1950). I found … Continue reading

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A bit of fun this morning. How to tackle the embarrassing problem on airplanes

Having recently been on an airplane, I wondered about the physics of the human body while in air. And I found my answers in this very well written and fun to read article. Enjoy! 🙂

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Give somebody a kiss, or why kissing feels so good #happiness

Scientific view on one of the most pleasurable activities ever here 🙂

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Fun News: This Week’s Winner

This news is so good, I laughed at each paragraph! The news itself is exciting for science. But it’s also hilarious. I am not sure what’s best – scientists finding prawn sperm in bat droppings (what?), image of 1mm ostrocods … Continue reading

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Incredible Water Bears, We Come From Plants, And Turtle In Operating Theatre

Today’s post is going to be about science, because as you may know, scientific news is one thing that makes me happy. Here is a couple of cool things that came onto my radar this week from the world of … Continue reading

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