Letting go of what was and accepting what is. Thank you for the lesson @wordpressdotcom

So apparently if like me you are a ‘zero inbox’ person and decide to tidy up, as in empty, your WordPress media library, when WordPress say that they will delete your images permanently, they don’t mean just from the library, they mean from the whole site ūüė¶ ¬†When I checked my old posts and realised ALL of my images were missing, I was in shock. Gee, 4 years of content – so easy to wipe out.¬† Continue reading

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Back on the road, happy nomad

KZ natgeo.jpg

Travel is a fascinating thing. It is a space shifter that transports you into the new worlds Рparallel universes a flight away. After years of parenting, financial limitations, home-work-home routine and being able to travel only as far as Europe, I am back on the road. And this time I am going far.  Continue reading

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Friend lost #happiness

I had a dear friend write to me the other day. It was wonderful. We have not been in touch for a while. I do miss him a lot. He is one of those angels, a friendly soul who you seem to have known forever. But he was also an object of my love addiction for too long. In fact it’s thanks to him that I realised I had a problem. So in the spirit of my ‘no secrets, no lies’ approach and in my on-going attempt to live simply, I came out and told him everything. Via email and Twitter messaging.
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How to fail better and not spiral into anxiety every time you make an ass of yourself #happiness

Recently I screwed up big time at work and panicked. It’s been a while since I experienced such¬†anxiety when your heart races, you get tunnel vision, beat up yourself endlessly and your mind is engaged into a negative thought loop, and you just can’t stop it. The worst part is that after talking to my boss I realised it was not a major catastrophe, but rather a minor hiccup which I should not have dwelled on for so long.

I was unpleasantly surprised and even shocked. Years of meditation and work on making myself calmer, more balanced, thought watching and filtering, working to attain peace and lightness of being Рand I spiral into anxiety so easily and over so little? I was determined to never do it again so I created a one pager that summarises the key learnings about failing better and changing your mindset and that I can use next time anxiety rears its ugly head. Temp

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The Meditator #happiness #

With spring comes awakening. Creativity buds and blossoms together with crocuses, cherry trees and daffodils. I can’t draw so I create collages. This one is called The Meditator. In meditation there is an exercise where you imagine that you are plugged into Earth through a golden thread or cable coming out of your heart. I don’t remember where I learned about it but it really helped me through winter. Refill your batteries this spring and create something wonderful for the world to see, my dear nomads!

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Rescued by spring

Thank you, my dear spring,
For dropping by so early
Or even just on time.
For joy and hope you bring,
For sunshine and for smiles.

For filling me with light.
For saving me from cold
Those dark and empty nights
That freeze my poor soul.

Thank you for snowdrops
And filling in the colours.
You did transform the rain
And changed the sky and clouds.

I feel alive again.
Birds sing, light blinds,
I smile.
Thank you, my dear spring,
For showing up on time!

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The School of Life Career Crisis cards #purpose #meaning #happiness

For me happiness has many levels. I am happy where I am, but I also want to grow. Overcoming my internal blocks and realising my purpose in life, doing what I was born to do, placed on this Earth to do is my next level. It took a while to accept that writing may be my purpose that I need to explore and my blog is a big part of it. This card from TSOL series is a brilliant reminder why it’s important to acknowledge, accept and action on what we call career anxiety:


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