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‘Hello, my name is Doris’ is not what you think it is. Must see for love addicts #happiness

What attracted me to this movie was Max Greenfield the idea, I thought it would be a bubbly romcom about a delusional, yet adorable, old lady with lots of laughs and aww moments. A bit like Happy Go Lucky or … Continue reading

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Tony Robbins: I am not your guru #netflix

I was both amazed and sceptical when I noticed Netflix made this film. I had to watch it. When you are working on happiness and self development, Tony Robbins is unavoidable. He is the modern day self development preacher, messiah with a … Continue reading

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If Werner Herzog wrote a birthday card…

As you may know, I love film. One of my favourite directors is Werner Herzog. He happens to be one of the favourite directors of a good friend of mine, whose birthday it was recently. Inspired by his lovely partner, … Continue reading

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Advanced Style, Documentary On Fashion, Age And Happiness

Ignore my photography skills (this was taken on a London bus, from the latest Stylist issue), and check out this cool and fun documentary which sounds like a movie that could make for happy watching!

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Cute Cats? How About Mongolian Baby On A Pony!

If this cute photo does not put a smile on your face, I don’t know what will! I am on this amazing blog about Mongolia (one of the countries that fascinates me). So far I have discovered the biggest equestrian statue in … Continue reading

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Dutch Expressions For The Cinema Goer

I am a big fan of movies, always was. I unleash my movie related wisdom on my twitter account so you have been spared 🙂  Movies have that power to transfer you to an alternative universe and make you feel … Continue reading

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