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How I found my life’s passion by asking myself these ridiculous questions, by @IAmMarkManson

Mark Manson is awesome, you guys. I loved his book and I LOVED his recent post on finding life passion. He has a talent to dissect some of the biggest life questions, bring out the top insight and deliver it in … Continue reading

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The School of Life Career Crisis cards #purpose #meaning #happiness

For me happiness has many levels. I am happy where I am, but I also want to grow. Overcoming my internal blocks and realising my purpose in life, doing what I was born to do, placed on this Earth to … Continue reading

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How to live a good life #happiness

I’ve been recently exploring the idea of realising life purpose or calling in work that we do. Almost by accident I stumbled into this book by Jonathan Fields. It’s not about living your purpose as such but it has amazing … Continue reading

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Surround yourself with people who make you feel alive

To all of my friends and creative mentors – Aliya, Lia, Yulia, Kate, Gera, Misha, my family and all amazing bloggers I follow and get inspired by! On the low days you breathe life back into me. Forever grateful that … Continue reading

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Meaning of life vs being alive #happiness

Does not this quote completely change how you think about what next? Go do that thing that brings you joy and makes you feel alive!

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Have more or need less? #happiness

Buddha had nothing when he died. By modern standards he was destitute and homeless. Yet he died not being afraid of death (and isn’t it the life’s biggest achievement?). He died in peace. He made a huge difference in many … Continue reading

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The secret of being happy

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